When the word connected is part of the name of a product as in Neato D5 Connected, one might expect that it would be easy to connect to wifi. Turns out it’s somewhat picky about the wifi networks it will connect to. For instance, in my case it only picks up about half of the networks my phone sees.

It seems quite a few people are having issues, so here’s one suggested solution (and how I arrived at it, in case other models need other settings).

Get a network analyzer such as NetSpot and compare the settings for your wifi network with any networks that Neato is actually able to see. Change the settings of your router to whatever settings those networks use. In my case, for the Neato D5, the following settings worked:

  • Band: 2.4 GHz
  • Channel: 1
  • Mode: b (or IEEE 802.11b)

At this point the Neato would still not pick up my wifi network, but I could connect to it by entering the SSID name and WPA passphrase manually (which had not worked previously).

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